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                  »  Products  »  Barley Malt Extract – Liquid/Dried

                Barley Malt Extract – Liquid/Dried
                Product Description

                Barley malt extract uses barley and malt as raw material, makes them into wort via enzyme saccharification, and then turns into liquid form. After refining and vacuum concentration with multi-step crushing, powder form can be formed.

                Sensory Characteristics

                Appearance: viscous liquid or powder form, no extraneous impurities. Huajia is able to offer yellow, amber and brown color products.

                Smell: typical natural and pleasant malt fragrance.

                Taste: smooth, slightly bitter in sweet malt taste.


                In Beverages, Dairy, Bakery, Confectioneries, Ice-creams/Gelato, Snacks, Pharmacy and Alcohol


                Liquid: 6kg plastic drum, 25kg paper drum with inner food-grade plastic bag, 290kg steel drum, 1335kg IBC totes.

                Dried: 20kg/bag in paper-plastic composite bag.

                * Packaging can be customized