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                  »  About Us  »  About Huajia

                About Huajia

                Huajia Food Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in malt extract and other grain processing. The headquarter is based in Shanghai, the finance center of China. It’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangsu Huajia, was founded in 2006. Located in Sheyang Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Huajia is a National High-tech Enterprise.

                Cooperated with Wuhan Polytechnic University College of Food Science, Huajia focuses on research of barley malt extract and other grain processing. While products are favored by both domestic and international clients, Huajia also provide solutions from concepts to final products and services for product development.

                Huajia has the International Food Safety Management System (ISO22000 / FSSC22000 / ISO9001:2005) Certification and other certifications. Huajia’s products and product derivatives live up to the international food safety requirements and it is a trustworthy partner of clients.